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Sarah Morgan Personal Stylist
Sarah Morgan, personal stylist in Norwich, Norfolk and owner of Lois Reloved ladies’ boutique dress agency.
Imagine opening a wardrobe full of clothes you love. You can’t wait to get dressed.  

You’ve nailed your style; it reflects your essence, flatters your figure and is right for your day. You’re confident in your choices and getting dressed is easy.

Or maybe not…

Do you look in the mirror, unsure of who you see? Shopping’s a chore and nothing feels right. And your wardrobe’s a confusion of duff buys you never wear.

I combine personal styling and colour analysis with creativity and common sense, to guide you towards a more confident, comfortable you.

Because when you dress and think like the person you want to be, pretty soon she’ll be staring you back in the mirror.

Ready to wake up your style? Let’s talk…
Sarah Morgan, Personal Stylist
Quote mark Dress and think like the person you want to be. One day, she’ll be staring you back in the mirror Quote mark


I’ve reinvented myself many times, and it always began in my wardrobe.

From art student, to journalist, to mother, to stylist - and now boutique owner - each stage prompted the question: ‘What the heck am I going to wear?’

At 21 I swapped art school grunge for black business attire. Fifteen years later, with two babies and little sleep, I’d sunk into The Black Hole of Shapelessness and had all but given up.

On a whim, I did something that changed my life - I had a colour consultation. I ditched black and colour became my friend. Everyone noticed the positive change.

In my 50s I got rid of almost everything, reinventing my wardrobe to herald a decluttering of limiting beliefs. I’d been wearing what I thought a mature, experienced image professional ‘should’ wear. But they felt like someone else’s clothes.

So I chose a new wardrobe to reflect how I feel now - creative, relaxed, energetic and open to new possibility.

I live loosely by Feng Shui principles, minimising clutter and placing things I love to remind me of my best intentions. It works with clothing too; when you dress in alignment with your essence, your intention, with colours and styles that flatter you, your style just falls into place.

In May 2017 I opened Lois Reloved, a ladies’ boutique dress agency selling hand-picked, pre-owned clothes and accessories. (Lois is my braver alter-ego - you can read more on my blog.)

It’s also my Colour & Style room where I host one-to-one consultations and workshops— it’s a great big dressing up box.

Lois Reloved embodies many things I love: Experimenting with clothes without spending a fortune, re-using the world’s resources, and sharing knowledge, inspiration, creativity and laughter (preferably with tea and scones.)

You’ll find Lois Reloved at White House Farm, Norwich next to a gorgeous cafe, beauty rooms, hairdresser, gift shop and florist - what could be more perfect?

I know it’s possible to imagine a way of life, then create it. And it always starts in my wardrobe…
Quote mark Reinvention begins in your wardrobe Quote mark


A boutique dress agency where you can spoil yourself without costing the earth.
At White House Farm Barns, Sprowston, Norwich NR13 6LB.

I sell pre-owned good quality ladies’ fashion at a fraction of the original price. There’s a fast-changing collection of occasion wear, daywear, gorgeous bags, shoes, jewellery, scarves and other accessories.

If you have clothes you no longer wear (or have never worn), they are modern and in great condition, bring them to Lois Reloved.

If they are ‘designer’, great, but I accept high street labels too - Lois Reloved is for everyone. Garments are sold on a 50:50 basis.

As a shopper, I like to browse without being pestered, and I understand if you do too. But if you’d like help choosing styles, colours, or putting together a whole new outfit, I’m here to guide you.

I also offer Colour & Style consultations and workshops.

Lois Reloved is at White House Farm Barns, Sprowston, Norwich NR13 6LB (close to Tesco and Sprowston Park & Ride).
Lots of FREE parking.

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Sarah Morgan, Personal Stylist
Quote mark Spoil yourself without costing the earth Quote mark
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Join me at Lois Reloved boutique:

Energise With Colour
1 client £175 • 2 clients £160 each

‘Having your colours done’ is nothing short of miraculous. Learn which colours make you look great – or not - with no banned colours or rigid rules. A one-to-one bespoke consultation looks at clothing, accessories, hair colour, jewellery, spectacles, plus a make-up lesson. This is all about you, and we look at how certain colours can affect how you’re perceived - and how you can use them to attract what you want. You’ll have me all to yourself for 2-3 hours and includes a personal colour swatch.

Colour Workshops £75 (for 4 people)
In groups of four, you’ll each have a colour consultation (it’s a great spectator sport). I’ll pass on lots of tips about how colour can affect how you’re ‘seen’ - and how that can shape your life. You can create a Colour File or Pinterest board with your new choices. Workshops are lively and fun - get together with friends, or come alone - you’ll be sure to connect with some new colour chums.

Wake Up Your Colour & Style £295
Energise with Colour, followed by a bespoke one-to-one style overhaul. You will understand your style essence, your body shape and proportions, what to wear, how to wear it and who you really are. It covers clothing, hair, make-up, and accessories. Shopping will be easy and you will have confidence in the choices you make. Reserve around four hours of special ‘Me Time’ - life may never be the same again!

Gift Vouchers
Treat someone special to any of the above services; it’s a gift that will last a lifetime. Contact me for details.
Quote mark Dress and think like the person you want to be. Pretty soon she’ll be staring you back in the mirror. Quote mark


"I loved today. You were so informative and funny and I felt so comfortable with you. I am really excited about my new colours. I love them all."
"I am now the person I always should have been, the person I started to rediscover the day I came to see you for a style consultation. My life has changed so much since that day, so much good has happened."
Jane Moore
"Got to work, the technician said ' You look nice - what's different?' Then another colleague said 'You look great today'. So, there we go - I am feminine, glamorous and sparkly!"
"I'm going to go through my wardrobe item by item and ditch things that are wrong – and now I understand why. The new me is underway!"
"I had so much fun and felt really inspired and refreshed. You’ve given me the confidence to be myself."


Ready to awaken your style?
Let’s get started...

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